Transport Expo
Today Miss Clare arranged for lots of different types of transport to come into school to start our new topic on Transport with a bang! There were lots of cars, trucks, motorbikes and even a grass cutter! Have a look at the Year 1 Photo Gallery for lots of pictures from the event. Many thanks to everyone who brought in their vehicle for the event - you are superstars!

The new Air Track

Today 1M had a really exciting PE lesson - they got to use the new Air Track for the first time! The Air Track is a large inflatable track, like a trampoline, which the children can use to practise their jumping, bouncing and gymnastics skills.

All the children really enjoyed the session and learnt new skills - have a look at the photos by clicking on the link to the Photo Gallery or visit the 1M Blog for more photos!



Fruit Monsters

Today in 1M the children got to use the fruit they bought at Samrong Market yesterday.

First we practised lots of the skills we would need:

  • cutting
  • grating
  • slicing
  • peeling
  • squeezing

Then we desgned our own Fruit Monsters and made them with all the fruits we had bought, using little cocktail sticks and kebab sticks. We think you will agree that they are pretty scary!!

Have a look at the Photo Gallery or even the 1M weblog to see more photos of the activity.


Year 1 Playroom

The children have been eagerly awaiting the chance to play in the new Year 1 Playroom! This week the Year 1 classes have been having a great time playing and exploring the different activities with their friends. The children have been busy writing letters and wrapping presents to give to their friends and family. Some children were making all sorts of different things in the construction area. Others were making various things at the creative area or working out problems with each other at the Maths area. Make sure you check out the photos!


First day in Year 1

The Year One team were delighted with the children today as they made such a positive start to the year. They settled in quickly and sensibly into class routines despite being tired after the long holiday and a full days work. We're all looking forward to an exciting year ahead.


Temple Trip
Yesterday and today Year 1 went to a temple to support our topic on Buddhism. The children were very respectful and well behaved. They enjoyed feedng the fish, giving offernings, looking at all the staues and meeting all the many temple cats and dogs!

Year 1 Swimming Gala
The atomosphere at the Year 1 swimming Gala was fantastic! Lots of cheering, banks of cameras and most importantly some fish like children scything through the clear blue waters of the 25m pool in their quest for glory. Thanks coach Cindy and team, another great gala!

Cultural and patterned language stories

Over the next two weeks children are looking at books from different cultures and those with patterned or repetitive language. If you have any favourites at home don't foget to bring them in and share them!


Hattie and Harvey came to visit Year One to tell us all about their favourite books. They love books but sometimes get a little bit muddled. The children can help them by thinking of 'WOW' words and rhyming words to put in the sparkly boxes in the play room.




Happy Songkran!
All the Year One classes had a great time throwing water around to celebrate the last day of term and Songkran. Some of the teachers got very wet indeed! Have a fantastic holiday!

Trip to the Sculpture Park
All the children in Year 1 visited Queen Benjasiri Sculpture Park on Monday and Tuesday of this week. The children looked at, talked about and sketched the different sculptures, and already the works of art inspired by this visit can be seen in the Year One corridor!

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