World Book Day

World Book Day


The Year 1 children had a lovely "World Book Day" today. We stopped everything and read for 10 minutes at 09:00 and throughout the course of the morning, our Year 5 buddy classes read with us - either here in the Year 1 block, over in Year 5 or in other places like the Primary Library! It was wonderful to see the older children getting really engrossed in the stories they were reading and our own children thoroughly enjoying the variety of stories they were hearing. Well done to everyone! :-)


Kind regards,

The Year 1 Team.


World Book Day

This week, the children are looking forward to our celebration of World Book Day on Thursday 1st March. As a build up to it, the children will be enjoying a selection of stories read in different languages (many thanks to the parents who have bravely offered their time and storytelling skills for an hour) which will enable lots of the them to hear familiar stories in other languages.


On Thursday itself, we will be having "Stop everything and read" 10 minutes at 09:00. Wherever the children are and whatever they are doing at this time, they will stop and read a book that they enjoy - you are most welcome to send in a story for them to read. Also, we will be welcoming our buddy classes from Year 5 to the year group at some point during the day. The older children will have chosen a favourite book from when they were in Year 1 - and then they will read this story with our children. Lots and lots of stories will be shared - it is going to be wonderful!




Kind regards,

The Year 1 Team.


Events to look forward to - w/b 20th February


We have a wonderfully busy first week back to look forward to after the half term holidays.


On Tuesday 21st February we have WORLD LANGUAGE DAY and we will we celebrating this with a special whole school assembly in the Sports Hall between 08:00 and 09:00.


The children are invited to come to school on this day in either their National costume or wearing the colours of their National flag. We look forward to seeing a colourful and wonderfully international year group!


Then on Wednesday 22nd February our Year 1 Sports Day is taking place - between 08:00 and 09:30 on the Primary Field and the Back Hard Court. Please can the children come to school dressed in their PE kit, with their school uniform in their bags ready to change into afterwards. We look forward to seeing lots of you there, cheering the children on!


Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy whatever you do, wherever you go and whoever you are with! I will look forward to hearing all about the children's adventures when they come back to school next Monday morning.


Kind regards,

The Year 1 Team.


World Language Day - Tuesday 21st February 2012

Dress up for World Language Day !!


The whole school will be celebrating World Language Day on Tuesday 21st February and we would like to invite all children, staff and parents to come to dress in their national colours or national dress.  There will be a whole school assembly from 8:00 am celebrating language and literature.


World Language Day has been celebrated around the world since 2000 and provides an occasion to recognize the vital importance of languages in education and the   multilingual and cultural diversity that make up the Bangkok Patana community.


We look forward to a colourful display of the 62 nationalities currently attending our school.


Many thanks,

The Year 1 Team.


The Toybox!

The children have enjoyed their first week back and are starting to really get into their new Connected Learning theme all about toys, called "The Toybox".


We wonder what they might discover, or who they might see or what might happen next in their learning journey.


Keep checking the class blogs for insights into what is happening in each of the Year 1 classrooms.




Take care,

The Year 1 Team.


Happy New Year!

Sawaddee Pee Mai!


We hope that you have all had a wonderful holiday and that you are all looking forward to another great term of learning at school.


Kind regards,

The Year 1 Team.


Christmas Party Day

All of the children in Year 1 had a wonderful time at our party today. There were a variety of activities on offer for them to do throughout the morning and then they settled down to watch a film of their choosing, along with a bag of popcorn, in the afternoon. Everybody went home happy but a little tired at the end of the day ... we are now all looking forward to finding out how Father Christmas will be arriving in the Assembly tomorrow morning. All the parents and any guests are welcome to come along and join in, between 08:00 and 09:00 tomorrow (Friday) morning.

Kind regards,

The Year 1 Team.


The end of term is nigh!

The last couple of days of term are here and what a few days we have in store! We have our Year 1 Christmas Party Day on Thursday 15th and then we have the much anticipated whole school Christmas Assembly on Friday morning ... when we finally find out how Father Christmas will be arriving at Patana this year.


The Year 1 Team would like to wish you all a very merry holiday season and a great New Year - see you all in 2012.




The Year 1 Team.


It has been great to be back at school!

The past three weeks have flown by as the children have settled back into Year 1 and have been actively engaged in a variety of learning experiences. We cannot believe how fast the end of term is approaching! :) 


Please remember to check out the individual class blogs to see what the children have been learning.


Tuesday 15th November 2011

Dear Parents

Please look at the links below if you are unable to send your child to school at this time.

Literacy Activities:

Follow the above link to a sentence construction game.  There is also a worksheet at the bottom of the page for you to print out.


Comprehension activities:

Please look for the online story The Toy's Party

Follow the instructions on the inside cover.

Encourage your child to read the story.

Comprehension Questions:

Look at pages 2-3.

 What was Kipper thinking?

Look at the toys on page 6 and page 10.

What is different?  Why are they looking unhappy on page 10?

Ask your child to explain why Mum was cross.


Continue with the games suggested yesterday on My Maths

Log onto My Maths using the above link.

Username - Bangpat

Password - Square

Now follow these steps...

  • 1. Select ‘Number' at the top.
  • 2. Choose ‘Level 1'
  • 3. Select ‘Add and subtract mental'
  • 4. Then ‘Number facts and doubles' and ‘lesson'
  • 5. You can then choose any of the activities on the left hand side.

Kind Regards

The Year 1 Team



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