WWW Rules.

These rules are designed to keep you and our network safe. Please follow the rules at all times and if there is something you are not sure about please ask a teacher.

Rule 1

We will use computers and network access sensibly at all times.

Rule 2

We will use our school email account for school work only.

Rule 3

We will send emails only to our parents, teachers and trusted friends.

Rule 4

We will always be careful and polite with the emails that we send.

Rule 5

We will never use ICT to harass, upset, insult or attack others students.

Rule 6

We will not send or display offensive email messages or pictures.

Rule 7

We will understand that our Patana email accounts are private. A teacher will only access it if misuse is suspected.

Rule 8

We will not give out personal information (Phone number, address etc.) in our email messages or on Internet sites.

Rule 9

We will not use online chat rooms at school unless supervised.

Rule 10

We will only download files if a teacher has approved and if the file is for school use.

Rule 11

We will be careful what we print and donít waste paper! Printing can be expensive and ecologically unfriendly.

Rule 12

We will respect and look after our ICT resources and equipment.

Club Tiger Rules


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