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What are your small steps?
The Student Environmental Committee is one of our biggest student activist groups but what exactly do they do?
The Wardrobe, performed by Year 9 and 10 students is a gripping journey through British history, seen through the eyes of a gargantuan wardrobe.
The Wardrobe
Primary Record Breakers 2018
Students in the Primary School have been training hard in order to break some of the school athletics records.
Year 7 students learnt about Chinese traditions as they welcomed the Chinese Lunar Year of the Dog.
The Year of the Dog
Happy Chinese New Year!
Students in the Primary School celebrated the Year of the Dog with a vibrant Chinese New Year Assembly.
It was question and answer time for Secondary students as they competed in the annual House Quiz.
House Quiz 2018
Student Technology Advocates
Our team of Student Technology Advocates are integral to testing and deciding what tech initiatives we use in school.
Children in the Foundation Stage have been enjoying their Curriculum Enrichment, performing their Lion King Dance to family and friends!
The Lion King
Cooking in German
Year 12 German language students discover that cooking a recipe in another language isn’t as easy as it seems!
We hope you had a brilliant time at Fun Day 2018! Thanks to everyone who made this fantastic community event happen!
Fun Day 2018
Green Fingered Global Citizens
Year 6 students are cultivating their own gardens growing a range of crops as they consider the environmental impact of their food.
Ghosts, hauntings and spirits provided the focus at this year's ISTA Middle School Drama Festival hosted here at Bangkok Patana.
ISTA Festival - The Haunting
Year 2 Authors
Year 2 students celebrated becoming authors with a fantastic book launch in the Primary Library.
Taking part in SEASAC Tennis, Rugby and Basketball this weekend, our teams made four out of six finals, with Girls' Tennis taking gold.
Lights, Camera, Action!
Year 9 students have been out and about around campus during their English lessons as they work to create scenes for their study of film making. 
Finding the shift key, creating a capital letter and typing their names are just some of the keyboard skills the Year 1s are learning.
ICT Skills in Year 1
A Varied Menu in Our Canteens
Did you know that our school canteens serve 60 different dishes each week?
Motivational Youth Speaker Anita Henestrosa inspires our Year 10 students as part of a global challenge!
Create Your Map for Success
Primary Residential Weeks
After much anticipation, Primary Residential Weeks have arrived! The first groups of Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children have departed!
Visiting Poet Sara Hirsch inspires the next generation of slam champions with her thought provoking prose.
Visiting Poet Sara Hirsch