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Last Saturday 40 Boys and 23 Girls arrived at Patana bright and early for this Years under 15 BISAC Tennis Open.

Ten schools had entered players with Patana having 15 Boys and 10 Girls playing. The Boys event was split into 2 separate draws with 20 in each whilst the Girls all played in the same event.

Each event started in a round robin group stage with 4 players in each group. With the Boys event split on standard each group match was competitive and hard fought. The Girls event was no less competitive with many games going to a deciding game.

At the end of the group stage all the Boys were put into 1 of 4 knockout events depending on their finishing positions in the group whilst the top 2 Girls in each group progressed into 2 separate knockout stages.

Patana players had all competed well in the group stage and needed to keep their momentum going.

Three Boys Rung Rungsaeng, Kevin Bodart and Pawin Chantaworakit made it through to the 1st and 2nd place draw in the Boys A draw whilst Caroline Nielsen, Emily Hudson and Emiri Kaiho were all group winners in the Girls event.

In the Boys B event Nathan Richelle, Phet Boonsoong, Khuntup Issara and Den Rana all finshed in the top 2 in their respective groups.

The knockout stage saw the level of play and the temperature rise making for excellent viewing for the spectators but tough going for all the players.

Overall Patana players performed well winning 3 of the 4 Boys sections   Rung was overall champion for the first time after winning both his Semi final and Final 7-5. Reo Kaiho won the 2nd section in the Boys A Draw playing some excellent tennis all day. In the Boys B first section Nathan battled his way to the final but eventually finished as runner up whilst in the Boys B second section Patrick Wasinsungworn beat Paul McCallie in the final.

The Girls also did well with Caroline reaching the Main draw semi final and Helena Martin the semi final of the 2nd section.

Overall 133 sets of tennis had been played starting at 8.00am and finishing at 6.20pm.


Girls: Caroline Nielsen, Emily Hudson, Arisa Kaiho, Emiri Kaiho, Ellen Hagelauer, Miki Sugita , Eri Sugita, Helena Martin, Pensiri Naviroj and Annabel Nuboer.

Boys: Reo Kaiho, Paul McCallie, Thomas McCallie, Kevin Bodart, Rung Rungsaeng, Khuntup Issara, Luca Salce, Marco Salce, Nathan Richelle, Kirk Leekasem, Patrick Wasinsungworn, Den Rana, Pawin Chantaworakit, Pawit Chantaworakit and Phet Boonsoong



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