A Good Start to Term 3!

Nursery children joined the rest of the school with a bright start to the final term of the academic year.

Even on the first day back after the holidays, our Nursery children were able to show how they have developed into confident learners. They were excited to see their friends and quickly picked up where they had left off at the end of Term 2. One group of children returned to their car parking project, with a ramp they had built themselves leading up to numbered car parking spaces. The activity gives them opportunities to learn numbering systems and also to develop socially through having to share cars and space on the ramp. In another area, children were enthusiastically involved in a playdough ice cream shop. They are developing their language skills by having to ask each other questions and use their counting skills for the number of scoops. They even completed a survey to find out people’s favourite flavour! The children had an active start to the term with a variety of activities to choose from. 

It is wonderful to see how well the children have settled back into their learning.