Getting to Bangkok Patana School

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– Getting to and from Bangkok Patana School
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Patana is on Sukhumvit 105, which is also called Lasalle Road This road runs between Sukhumvit and Sri Nakarin. There are many ways of getting to and from school.

Taxis are relatively inexpensive in Bangkok, and it is very easy to hail a taxi from the main school gates – just make sure the meter is on. It is sometimes helpful to have the address you are going to written in Thai, or use your mobile phone to have a Thai speaker give the taxi driver directions.

If you are taking a taxi to school, tell the driver.

“Pai Soi La Salle/ Sukhumvit roi ha, rong rien nanaachat Bangkok Patana kah/ kap.”
(Please go to Soi La Salle/Sukhumvit Soi 105, Bangkok Patana School.)

If you’re coming from the other side another part of town from the school is may be useful to tell the taxi driver to take the expressway.

“Pai tang duan dai mai kah/kap?”
(Can you take the expressway?)

You will be expected to pay the expressway toll which is normally in the area of 40 Baht.

To print download map with the address of and directions to the school in Thai and English please click here.


Lasalle Road runs parallel to the Bangna Trad motorway, and there are a couple of short cuts which might save you time:

– Coming from town, turn onto the Bangna Trad and take the first U-turn bridge. Get onto the side road and turn left on to Soi Saraniwade 2, at the Royal Dragon restaurant
– Coming from the south, get on the Bangna Trad side road, and turn left (opposite and just a bit past the Central shopping mall) on Soi Sripong. There’s an outdoor garden restaurant, Fai Kam, and a green road sign to mark the spot.
– Transport staff at the school can often tell you the quickest route from your home to school and back.

BTS or Sky Train

The nearest Sky Train station to school is Bearing on the Sukhumvit line. The Sky Train (“rot fai fah”) is a wonderful way to get around Bangkok, as it whisks you above all of the traffic jams below. If your destination is close to the expressway, it might be quicker to take the motorway in towards town, than to head up Sukhumvit to the Sky Train; everything of course, depends on the traffic.


You can take a bus to the Sky Train station at On Nut from Lasalle Road. It’s about a 20-minute ride on air-conditioned buses # 507, 508, 545, and 511.


Windshield stickers are issued to staff and families of Patana students to assist security personnel in identifying vehicles and your vehicle may be refused entrance if you do not have one. Forms to apply for car stickers may be obtained at Reception. Security may refuse entrance to any driver without proper identification. The school does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles parked on its premises.

The main parking lot is at the Sports Complex (opposite the main school). Please request your driver to park and wait in this lot. There is a drivers’ room in this car park with an intercom connection to the school front. Please use the pedestrian bridge when crossing the street. Short-term parking (less than 2 hours) is available for car sticker holders at the Todsamon Building car park (adjacent to the campus). Parents of N/K students may park behind the N/K block, but only while picking up and dropping off children.

Parents and their drivers should not park on any part of the road in front of the school as this is a safety concern, seriously impedes traffic flow and may result in a parking ticket. Likewise, do not pick up or drop off students by stopping on Lasalle Road. Parents/drivers should use the drop off point inside the front parking lot, or walk students from their car.

Secondary students are not allowed to drive to school, as parking facilities are limited to staff and parents. Please refer to the Secondary Student Handbook.