Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a school for your child, you may find it helpful to consider the following frequently asked questions:

    School information

  1. Why choose Bangkok Patana School?
  2. What is your school mission?
  3. How is your school accredited?
  4. Is Bangkok Patana School a for-profit school?
  5. Your child at school
  6. How is the school day structured?
  7. What are your class sizes?
  8. How will the social and emotional development of my child be looked after?
  9. What academic support services are available?
  10. Is any special provision made to help new students settle into the school?
  11. Do you have any advice on how I can help my child to settle in at Bangkok Patana School?
  12. Learning & Teaching
  13. What curriculum do you follow?
  14. Do you have standardised testing in the Primary school?
  15. What internationally-recognised certificates and qualifications do you offer in the Secondary School?
  16. Which universities did last year’s graduates attend?
  17. Are students set (grouped) by ability?
  18. Will my child have difficulty making the transition from another school system?
  19. What foreign languages can my child learn?
  20. Can my child learn to play an instrument, or continue one they are already studying?
  21. What opportunities will my child have to develop ICT skills?
  22. What extra-curricular activities are available for my child?
  23. What kind of trips can my child take part in?
  24. Staff
  25. Are all of your teachers fully certified?
  26. Where do your teachers come from?
  27. How long on average do teachers remain at Bangkok Patana School?
  28. Does the school support professional development?
  29. School life
  30. Do you have school lunches?
  31. Do you have a school uniform and where can I buy this?
  32. Do you have a school nurse on campus?
  33. How do I communicate with my child’s teacher, and how often will I receive reports?
  34. Can parents help out at school? Who do I contact?
  35. Where do most of your students live, and how do they get to school?
  36. Admissions
  37. What documents do I need from my child’s previous school if I want to apply to Bangkok Patana School?
  38. How are students placed in year groups and classes?

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