Bangkok Patana Adds a Wind Farm

Bangkok Patana Adds a Wind Farm

With tackling pollution from energy sources high on the agenda, Bangkok Patana announces a new green project.

We are proud to announce a large new project as part of our continuing commitment to the environment. The installation of the Bangkok Patana Wind Farm will be the first within Bangkok and we are confident we can harness the substantial winds we experience in the city. 

Sadly, the cost will be having to forfeit two football pitches and possibly some tennis courts at the Sports Complex.

 “We all have to make adjustments for the benefit of our warming planet. We can take certain measures to compensate for the loss of these playing areas. Some of the options we are looking at include utilising the remaining spaces at currently unused times of day, such as from 5.00 to 6.30am and from 8.00pm to 10.00pm. As well, football with 7 and 11 a-side games will be swapped completely to Australian rules football which has 18 players a-side, allowing for more players per team,” said Cindy Adair, Assistant Principal for Extra-curricular Activities and Sport.

 Assisted by the government department dealing with alternative energy development, the plans are in their final stages and ground has already been broken. “It was a hard call to make,” said Matt Mills, Head of School, “But I know that the Student Environmental Committee will be completely behind me. At Bangkok Patana, we are not afraid to commit to our values.”

 Thanks to the Buildings and Grounds department for taking on this pioneering project while already in the midst of the Senior Studies upgrade.