Business Ethics and Equality in Year 4

Year 4 worked in jobs for a day and had some insights into business ethics and equality.

Year 4 students went to work, like adults do, for a day. Keyboards buzzed in the offices of ‘Big Data’; scissors snipped and sliced at the bookmark factory; cameras flashed and the ink dried at the headquarters of the Patana Gazette and pencils were sharpened over at Ashby Graphic Design. At the end of a hard working day, each student received their salary and, after paying their bills, had an opportunity to spend what was left on a leisure activity of their choice: Popcorn at the cinema? A visit to Legoland? Or maybe a trip to the café for a drink and a chat? They had to each consider what they could afford!

 All of this work had some serious learning behind it though, as children discovered through their play that not all people are paid fairly and some of the consequences of this. In turn, this raised some fascinating insights into equality and business ethics. This immersive, playful experience launched the entry of Year 4’s learning on Business Matters, where they will be forming their own companies to design and then make their own products. Look out for our upcoming expo later in Term 3.