Primary Teaching Assistant (August 2019) *

Primary Teaching Assistant (August 2019)

Student safeguarding and safe recruitment
Bangkok Patana School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its students and expects all staff to share the same commitment.
As part of the recruitment process applicants must provide:

– The name and contact details of three referees. One referee should be the applicant’s current or most recent employer. In addition to the written references, referees may be contacted to obtain a verbal reference.
– An up-to-date DBS Disclosure if from UK or police check.
Documentation from universities and colleges verifying attendance and successful completion of – courses undertaken.
– An up-to-date medical.


For August 2019, Bangkok Patana School seeks a dedicated professional who is committed to ensuring students reach their full potential and creating a stimulating and positive learning environment, which is child-centred. The willingness to be an effective team player and work closely with parents is essential.
Responsible to: Class Teacher, Leader of Learning Welfare or Leader of Learning Curriculum
In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 the Teaching Assistant reports directly to the class teacher/s they have been assigned to or in Key Stage 2 the Assistant Leader of Learning. The Teaching Assistant in other areas reports to the Leader of Learning.
Main Responsibility: The Teaching Assistant plays an important role in assisting the school to achieve its Guiding Statements. The Teaching Assistant works closely with teachers helping and supporting the learning process inside and outside the classroom.
Specifically the Teaching Assistant
– Works with students to support the learning process
– Prepares for and assists with materials, resources and teacher initiated displays to enhance the learning process
The skills and attributes may include:
– A reasonable level of ICT and technological proficiency
– Good communication skills, and a personable manner
– Good time management, plus the initiative to prioritise tasks
– A high level of professionalism and discretion within school and the wider community
– Administrative and organisational abilities which may include budgeting, resourcing and stock control
– The ability to work well as part of a team, and to work in close collaboration with the line manager
– Practical skills which add something to the creativity and attractiveness of the year group
– An interest in students’ development and a willingness to develop their skills when helping students to learn, in school and during day trips and residential visits

Goal I: We focus on continually improving learning

Strategic Area 1: Learning and Teaching: The Teacher Assistant will

– adhere to the School’s Professional Standards for Teaching Assistants;
– guide and encourage students with tasks they have been set by the teacher;
– work with groups of students under the direction of the teacher and Leader of Learning and Welfare;
– assist in maintaining and developing the academic standards set by the school;
– support positive learning and the behavioural ethos of the school;
– be aware of and involved in the curriculum planning process as appropriate and to attend necessary planning meetings;
– be able to assist and work alongside the students on the computer.

Strategic Area 2 – Professional: The Teacher Assistant will

– be open to professional development opportunities and attend continuing professional development offered by the school;
– build good relationships with staff and to work cooperatively in team situations;
– attend and participate in relevant team meetings;
– maintain a high standard of professional appearance and follow the dress code;
– attend all compulsory CPD training sessions linked to student safeguarding, first aid, EAL and Learning Support (LS).

Strategic Area 3: Communication and Culture: The Teacher Assistant will

– support and play an active role in the celebration of International Day, festivals and special times (e.g. Book week);
– adhere to high standards of confidentiality;
– under the direction of the teacher assist in communication with parents.

Goal II: We align our structures, policies and practices to support learning

Strategic Area 1 Policy and Planning: The Teacher Assistant will
– To understand and adhere to the Student safeguarding policy, the Code of Conduct and methods for reporting a concern;
– To be aware of and involved in the curriculum planning process and to attend necessary planning meetings;
– To work in line with the school’s mission, policies and curriculum programmes.

Strategic Area 2: Finance
Strategic Area 3 – Admissions: The Teacher Assistant will

– To support new students so they adjust to their new environment quickly, efficiently and positively.

Strategic Area 4: Health and Safety: The Teacher Assistant will

– To care for the safety and well-being of students during lunch and play times;
– To escort students to the school nurse when the need arises;
– To keep a watching brief on health and safety matters and to be proactive in reporting to the class teacher or Leader of Learning and Welfare perceived risks;