Graduation of the Class of 2022!

Graduation of the Class of 2022!

The 129 students of the Class of 2022 have completed their graduation ceremonies!

The Class of 2022 received their diplomas and graduated from Bangkok Patana School on Saturday 28th May. The graduating students were inspired by speeches from Secondary Principal Matt Seddon, IB Co-ordinator Susan Brosnahan and Head of Year 13 Yvonne Brown. Mr Seddon gifted all graduates with the book Great Expectations, to mark their unique pathways. Ms Brown reflected on all the memories that have made her smile, encouraging the graduates to ground their ambition with the things that make them happy. The Senior Delegates also reminisced on their time at Bangkok Patana whilst looking forward to what their very near future will bring. Cross Campus Principal Helen Thew gave the keynote speech, evoking many lovely memories and then joyously ending with a call to the graduates to “Go Celebrate!” The audience and graduates, as well as those streaming live from homes all around the world, were treated to a beautiful rendition of Viva La Vida as the ceremony closed. Congratulations to the Class of 2022 and welcome to the Patana Alumni Network!

The strength of our bonds and ability to be there for one another on bad days as well as good is what makes Bangkok Patana such a special place and one which has given you the roots to grow and flourish… We have placed our trust in you, we have nurtured your curiosity, encouraged you to be caring, balanced and reflective and developed your abilities to think critically about the world… I urge you to try and create the world you want to live in. I look at you and I know that you are future leaders, politicians, peace negotiators, scientists, human rights activists….YOU are our hope for a better world. And I, for one, am filled with hope for the future as I know how talented and passionate you are about your responsibilities as global citizens to make a difference in the world.
– Susan Brosnahan, IB Co-ordinator

You are going to do great things because you are great people, and our hope for you is that your personal growth will be as exciting as the adventure that you are about to embark on.
– Matt Seddon, Secondary Principal

In graduation speeches, students are often told to go and make a difference to the world, dream big, reach for the stars, and you may well do that, but don’t let that be your only measure of success. My hopes for you sound less ambitious, be kind, be happy, and put a smile on the face of those around you. Take notice of the little things that make you smile and do more of those, and when in doubt Just Dance!
-Yvonne Brown, Head of Year 13

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