Green Man Masks

The Year 5s Green Man Masks are underway as the students begin to create their designs in clay.

Year 5 have been putting their artistic skills to the test. As part of their Rainforests unit of learning, the students have explored Green Man Masks; sculptures or other representations of a face surrounded by or made from leaves, branches vines, fruit, flowers and even insects. They are commonly used as a decorative architectural ornament.

After using their drawing skills to sketch the basic outlines, features and contours of human faces, the students got their hands on clay and started to mould and shape their basic faces ready for decoration. This took a lot of effort as they had to be careful to not work the clay too much so that air bubbles formed, which could damage the mask when fired. Once the clay was rolled the students used their hands to shape eye sockets, cheeks, noses and also the outline of their characters mouth. Next step is to add the decoration!