Introduction to Cialfo

Year 12 students had their first introduction to application platform ‘Cialfo’ with the Careers and Universities team.

Life after Bangkok Patana is beginning to come into focus for our Year 12 students. During tutorial time, the Careers and Universities Department guided the students further into the new ‘Cialfo’ system. 

Cialfo is replacing the former application system, Naviance, but will offer students far more resources for gathering information about universities around the world. From university profiles to student personality assessments, Cialfo is an exciting new tool that is being adopted by many of the top secondary schools in the world. It will also allow the Careers and Universities Counsellors to more efficiently connect students with universities and their representatives, deliver application materials and track the increasingly complex and diverse admission processes within the 15+ countries where our students seek admission.

To begin the process, our Year 12s completed extensive questionnaires during tutorial to prepare for meetings with counsellors over the next few weeks regarding their further education plans. The Careers and Universities Department is excited to begin working with this group of students to help guide them towards exceptional colleges and universities around the world. This marks the beginning of a process that will last through the end of Year 13 and will undoubtedly culminate in many successful admission offers.