University and Careers Support

We aim to prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life, through the development of career management skills. In the Key Stage 3 Pastoral Programme, students meet the Careers Coordinator and also receive guidance on those areas of the curriculum which are only offered from Year 10 and beyond. In Key Stage 4, key aspects of career planning and management are covered and students meet with Careers Department staff to discuss options available. In Senior Studies the careers education and guidance offered allows students to make informed decisions to be made about their future. The Careers Department contains up-to-date information on various occupations and on university courses throughout the world. Staff are available to give guidance and support and each student will be offered an individual interview to set up an action plan for the future. All students and parents are welcome to make individual appointments at any time.

Throughout the year, the school welcomes representatives from universities around the world. These visits give our students the opportunity to get first-hand information but also gives the universities an idea of the quality of learning and the facilities available to our students. Visiting university representatives can click here for information prior to their school visit.

Individual Counselling Meetings

Patana recognizes that each student and family have different needs, thus every student starting in Year 11 is assigned a University counsellor.  Students and parents are encouraged and welcomed to visit their University counsellor to help navigate through the application process or discuss any concerns or issues they may have.  Appointments can be setup via email, phone or in person as our doors are always open.

IGCSE/IB Subject Selection

Course selection is an important step in defining who a student is, wants to be and where they want to go. It is completely normal to be undecided or confused about which subjects you should take.  It is for this reason that Patana arranges one-on-one meetings with Year 9 & Year 11 students and university counsellor to discuss possible subjects.  Understanding personal academic strengths and weaknesses play an important role in deciding which courses are best suited for each student.  Our strong advising program plays a crucial role in guiding students as they progress and begin to make decisions that impact their future.

University Tutorials/ECA

Throughout the academic year, Year 10 – 13 receive targeted tutorials to prepare and inform them during their high school journey.  These tutorials are in addition to the regular individual counselling that our students receive.  Our University & Careers curriculum is designed to introduce such topics as: Transitioning into High School, CV writing, Career Exploration, how to research universities, understanding the application process, how to write a college essay and many more.

Universities and Patana

Patana’s Career & University counsellors maintain strong relationships with universities around the world.  Extensive participation in conferences, seminars, professional organizations and visiting institutions, allow our counsellor’s to gather insightful and first-hand information.  With a purpose to be shared with our student and parent community assisting them in making informed decisions.  With over 200 university representatives visiting Patana each year, our community can explore institutions from all over the world in the comfort of their school.

Standardized Testing

Patana is a SAT test centre, offering the test to our students six times a year.  Students can sit for the PSAT on our campus as well.  In addition to an SAT centre, Patana is a Cambridge Assessment test centre, offering BMAT, STEP Mathematics, Test of Mathematics University Admission, University of Cambridge pre-interview assessments, University of Oxford admissions test and MAT.

Parent Coffee Mornings

Patana realizes the importance of and encourages parent involvement in all aspects of the university process.  To ensure that our parent community is educated regarding current university topics and trends, the University team hosts coffee mornings open to all parents.  From these presentations we aim to educate, inform, and provide insights into the university application process.