Learning from Feedback

Learning from feedback and cementing knowledge for the future is vital, Year 10 Scientists have been doing just that.

“Mistakes are the stepping stones to wisdom, we learn from trial and error, we become wise by understanding problems.”
Leon Brown, Sportsman

Following on from last week’s Science Assessment Week (SAW), the Year 10 students are getting feedback on their results and looking at how to improve their results in the future. In Physics, the students are watching screencasts of one of their own teachers completing the paper whilst giving the viewer top tips and advice for tackling similar papers and questions in the future. The students are also completing an ‘Improvement Plan’ ready to review before the next SAW. In Chemistry and Biology, each question and its mark scheme is displayed around the laboratory so that the students can assess their own answers and make notes on where there might be gaps in their knowledge.

In all Science disciplines, one to one conversations with the teachers during these sessions allow the students to check any queries they might have regarding their scores as well as looking to see if the student’s target grade is still relevant or whether a more challenging target is appropriate.