Academic Achievements

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

In 2017, our IB Diploma students achieved a 100% pass rate, against a world average of 80%. The average points score achieved by these students was 35 (world average = 30 points), whilst the average grade per subject by Bangkok Patana students was 5.5 (world average = 4.7). An incredible 21% scored 40 points or above, something that is typically accomplished by only about 6% of the global cohort of students taking the IB Diploma.

Bangkok Patana School is proud of the achievements of the whole Class of 2017, especially as we are not an academically selective programme despite the rigorous demands of the IB Diploma. This means that students are given the opportunity, through careful guidance, to study at Diploma level if they choose to, whatever their academic background.

(I)GCSE Examinations

The 2017 Cambridge International Examination Board results have been published and our students have achieved a 100% pass rate, with 95.1% of all grades being awarded at A*-C. Students have exceeded last year’s results by around 5% at each grade range, to produce Patana’s best ever results from CIE. 29.7% of all grades were A*, and 55.6% were A*/A. 29% of students achieved all IGCSE grades at Grades A* – B and 16% of students achieved all IGCSE grades at Grades A* – A. This is an incredible achievement from our students and we await the results from the Edexcel Examination Board on 24th August.

Primary School Results

Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Tests
We are extremely proud of our Primary students, especially their approach and attitudes to learning. At the end of Key Stage 2, our Year 6 students took National Curriculum Tests (the same as those taken by students in the UK). These tests follow the UK guidelines for Reading, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) and Mathematics assessments. Here are the results for the tests taken in 2016:

– In SPaG, 89% of our Year 6 students met the expectation, compared to 72% in the UK. 62% of our students exceeded the UK average.
– In Reading, 85% of our students met the expectation, compared to 66% in the UK. 71% of our students exceeded the UK average.
– In Mathematics, 85% of our students met the expectation, compared to 80% in the UK. 68% exceeded the UK average.

The NCTs do not include writing assessments. Our students were assessed on the Bangkok Patana expectation, which is aligned with expectation in the UK. 81% of our students met the expectation, with 56% exceeding the expectation.
In 2016, we trialled ISA (International Schools Assessment) with our Year 4 students. The ISA test a re designed specifically for students in Years 3 – 11 in international schools whose language of instruction is English. In the four areas of assessment, which include Mathematical Literacy, Reading, Narrative/Reflective Writing and Exposition/Argument Writing, Bangkok Patana students scored better than the average of all other schools, regional schools and like schools.

For more details please view our Student Achievement book online. (