Bangkok Patana School was established 60 years ago, in the garden playhouse of the founder, Rosamund Stuetzel. She had the vision to keep families together while ensuring that the children were able to attain an education equivalent to one that could be gained in the UK.¬† Over the last 60 years, that vision has continued to develop and has seen the school expand from its original 28 students through three campuses to the existing site where we now provide an education for over 2,200 students. The underlying principles are the same and are reflected in the school’s Guiding Statements, which place importance on community, diversity, and focus on enabling every student to fulfil their potential.

The school’s name is a combination of the city in which it is located, Bangkok, and the Thai word for development, Patana. The name embeds the founder’s original intention of having a school in Bangkok which would continually develop to meet the needs of its students – an organisation that would never simply rest on its laurels.