IB Art Exhibition 2010

Year 13 Art students are proud to present their work at the IB Visual Arts Show in the Exam Hall.

Art Exhibition

"In Patana, only two courses in the International Baccalaureate can be viewed: Drama and Art. As a student of one of those two rare cases, the final IB Art exhibition is the first and last opportunity for the class of 2010 to show off their artwork to parents, teachers, peers and the next generation of art students who are expected to beat their seniors.

I am sure, for the Art department's teachers and staff it is always a great pleasure to experience the level of individual development in each of our students through this show. It is when we see such numbers enter the hall that the unfathomable amount of time and effort gone into putting up the exhibition becomes worthwhile.

On behalf of the Art department and our students this year, I would like to quickly thank everybody who attended the exhibition and gave our final showing a spark of energy that has allowed the class of 2010 to leave our footsteps imprinted in the artistic orientation of Bangkok Patana School."

Semone Bunnag, Year 13

Art ExhibitionArt Exhibition

"Congratulations to all the students and staff on a fabulous exhibition.   The work is stunning and the students seemed very comfortable and confident talking about their art. They were justifiably proud." Mick Smith, Secondary Principal.

Art Exhibition

"An amazing diversity of Art work on display - well done to all Year 13 students."

Ms Thew,
Friday, March 26, 2010


"Congratulations to all of our fine artists who were showcasing their work this week. I really enjoyed the exhibition and was surprised to see such a variety of art mediums on display. Kudos to our visual art facilitators of learning."

Matt Mills, Head of School
Friday, March 26, 2010


"Superb work, and so professionally displayed. What a treat to have such an amazing art gallery on the Patana campus and to be able to speak directly with the student artists about the inspiration behind their work."

Alec Bien, Senior Teacher, Arts Faculty
Saturday, March 27, 2010


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