Phuket Wins the House Quiz!

Phuket Wins the House Quiz!

In which sport would you hear the word coaming? A correct answer would get you a point on the House Quiz

Key Stage 3 students had to draw deep to come up with answers during the much anticipated House Quiz. The competition was fierce as students answered questions on World and Current Affairs, Science and Technology, General Knowledge and the Arts. Student volunteers from Year 9 confidently took on the roles of Quiz Masters, Point Scorers and PowerPoint Operators and did an amazing job of building suspense and controlling the excitable audience.

Here are some sample questions from the quiz for you to try: 

 How many syllables make up a haiku?
a) 8 b) 14 c) 17   d) 100

 What type of software is Tech Soft 2D Design
a) Bitmap Graphics   b) Raster Graphics   c)  Computer Aided Design Graphics    d) Vector Graphics

 In which sport would you hear the term coaming?
a) Rounders    b) Paddle Boarding   c)Kayaking    d) Cricket

 Which of the following is an exothermic physical change?
a) Ice melts to form water   b) Iodine crystals sublime   c) Steam condenses to form water  d) Methane gas burns in a Bunsen burner

 Congratulations go to Phuket who were victorious with Chang taking second place followed by Lanta and then Samui in fourth place. 

1. c
2. d
3. c
4. c