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The purpose of this conference is to debate, and especially provide an opportunity for beginners to become involved. It will be structured to provide the most opportunity for debate with the least opportunity for procedural games involving a minority of students. As such you will notice that procedures are streamlined to cut out certain types of activities. I've attached a list of motions and rules. Motions and procedural actions not listed are not allowed.

Remember also that the committee chairs are beginners. Students should assist them and make life easy for them.

The only guaranteed speaker will be one submitter of the resolution who will read the operative clauses and give the opening speech. At the conclusion of this "for" speech (and points of information), the chair will ask for a show of placards for the first "against" speech, and will choose one. At the conclusion of this speech, the chair will choose the next "for" speaker from a new show of placards. Etc; there will never be a pre-set speaker list established. This will allow for students to respond to speakers; they do not have to decide before debate even begins if they have something to say and which position they are taking.

All delegates will be required to give a one-minute (maximum) opening country statement at the initial committee meeting. This is a general statement about the country's positions on the general topic of the committee. A sample country statement has been attached.

Before each new resolution is brought up in debate, chairs will allow up to 3 "rights to statement" of up to 90 seconds. These will be chosen by a show of placards. A right to statement is a general statement by the delegate on any topic they wish, not related to the debate at hand. However, they should be speeches (about current issues, national issues, etc.) that are of the type a country might realistically present at the UN.

General debate procedure:

Submitter of resolution will be called to the podium.
                Delegate will read operative clauses.
                Chair will open floor to points of clarification
                Delegate will have 4 minute speech (may yield floor if desired)
                Chair will open floor to points of information

Chair will request "against speakers"
                Chosen delegate will come to podium, have 4 minute speech (may yield)
                Chair will open floor to points of information

For/Against speeches will continue along this format until:
                No more speakers offer themselves
                Chairs determine that further speeches are not necessary or time has run out a motion to close debate is offered and passed

 After the close of debate, chairs will ask for a vote; delegates vote by raising their placard.


                                                                                                        H. Berghuis