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Singapore: November 17-21 2004

The entire team of Delegates from Bangkok Patana School.

The Delegate of Norway proposing his views on The Question of the Reconstruction and Development of Iraq.

The Delegate of Turkey giving a dramatic speech, convincing us all of his country's, and his own, personal views.

The Delegate of Uganda delivering his position paper, stating his country's views in a professional manner.

The Delegate of Kenya shows off her AIDS bible in a very cheeky manner.

The Delegate of Pakistan in an attentive posture, listening and absorbing all the debate going on around her.

The Chair from Bangkok Patana looks on, surveying his committee and ensuring that he is in complete control.

The Delegate of Norway in action, posing a question to extend and explore the topic in depth.

The Delegate of Turkey posing her question with grace.

Both Delegates of Norway in the General Assembly, both extremely capable young adults who went on to impress the other delegates ;)

Our very fashionable Secretary General up at the podium, giving the General Assembly a briefing of the occurrences in his committee.

The Delegate of Uganda posing a question in the General Assembly, where each country was given their own personal microphones!!! :)

The Delegate of Turkey up at the podium in the General Assembly, entertaining the other delegates with his remarkable speech.

The Delegate of Pakistan up at the podium sharing his country's views, and posing important points with regards to the topic.

The Patana squad up at the podium, posing as important people, future leaders who will change the world. :D

The Delegate of Turkey and his best friend *cough cough* the Co-Secretary General who oversaw the entire conference, and the General Assembly.

The Patana team at dinner on the final day of the conference.

Our chief advisor without whom our attendance at this conference would not have been possible, and would not have been as successful. THANK YOU!!!

H. Berghuis