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The Internet is now one of the most heavily used and easily accessible mediums for research and information about the United Nations. Dele­gates with access to the Internet will soon find that it complements books, such as this Guide, and is invaluable when it comes to obtaining current and historical information for country assignments. The Model U.N. conferences and groups that have their own sites on the World

Wide Web invariably have a host of links to other useful Web sites. Delegates will also want to take a look at the sites of other organiza­tions with a vested interest in the work of the United Nations. The Web sites of such organizations as UNA-USA ( and the American Red Cross (, for example, contain informa­tion on and links to their international interests. The Electronic Embassy site (, with links to all the embassies online, gives delegates access to the most recent statements and positions of the countries they are researching. Similarly, the CIA World Factbook ( and the International Affairs Network ( contain vast amounts of information on every imaginable topic, from area studies and individual country infor­mation to broader topics, such as conflict resolution and international economy. News Web sites, such as the CNN site (, are essential for delegates to keep track of current events. Their archives also provide information about past events. With a little digging, delegates can access nearly all the information they need.




The following outline should serve as an introduction to the United Nations Web site ( The format for this outline is simple. The main topic headings from the main home page are given. The sub-links are listed directly below these main topic headings. The sub-links are general titles that lead into specific documents and information. Bold headings indicate sites that may be especially useful for delegates preparing for a conference.

Delegates should keep in mind that the Web is ever-changing, and many sites and specific locations may have changed since this outline was printed. If this proves to be the case, continue your search and you are bound to find the information that you are looking for.


§       General information

§       Preventive action and peace-making

§       General Assembly

§       Security Council

§       United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM)

§       Peacekeeping

-         Fifty years of peacekeeping

-         United Nations Documentation Research Guide: Special section on peacekeeping

§       Disarmament

§       Electoral assistance

§       Question of Palestine

§       Special representatives or envoys of the Secretary-General

§       Special reports



§       International Court of Justice

§       International Criminal Court

§       Codification, development and promotion of international law

§       Law of the Sea

§       Treaties

§       International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)

§       International Trade Law

§       International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR)

§       Verdicts on the crime of genocide by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR)

§       International Law Commission


§       General information

§       Refugees

§       United Nations Office for the Iraq Programme

§       OCHA-online

§       Land mines

§       ReliefWeb


§       General information

§       United Nations Documentation Research Guide: Special section on human rights

§       Universal Declaration of Human Rights

§       50th Anniversary of the Declaration

§       Treaties

§       U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights

§       International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)

§       International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR)

§       Verdicts on the crime of genocide by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR)

§       Monitoring

-         MICIVIH – International Civilian Mission in Haiti

-         MINUGUA – U.N. Mission for the Verification of Human Rights in Guatemala



§       Parliamentary services

§       Research and analysis

§       National governments

§       Regional cooperation

§       Secretariat

§       Environment

§       Narcotic drugs

§       Social development

§       Trade

§       Human rights

§       Population

§       Statistics

§       Woman

§       Human settlements

§       Prevention of crime

§       Sustainable development



§       U.N. in brief

§       Principal organs of the U.N.

§       U.N. Charter

§       Statute of the International Court of Justice

§       Universal Declaration of Human Rights U.N. History

§       History of the U.N.

§       Milestones

§       Major Achievements

§       50th Anniversary

§       U.N. Secretaries-General

§       Deputy U.N. Secretary-General

§       U.N. member states

§       Facts about the United Nations

§       Image and reality

§       U.N. On-line tour

-               U.N. Headquarters in New York

-               U.N. Office in Geneva




§       U.N.Journal

§       Conferences and meetings

§       Special events at Headquarters

§       Conferences and observances




§       Information for delegations

§       Information guide for services to the public

§       Dag Hammarskjold Library (DHL)

§       CyberSchooIBus

-         Events Orbit

-         Quiz Quad

-         Resource Source

-         Elementary Planet

-         Model U.N.

-         Curriculum Corner

-         Bookstore

-         The Daily Fax

§               U.N. briefing papers- The World Conferences  

§       Image and reality

§       U.N./NGO link

§               Employment opportunities  

§       U.N. joint staff pension fund

§               United Nations Staff College Project  

§       Procurement division

§       General telephone directory

§       Media accreditation

§       U.N. Chronicle

§       United Nations International School

§       Association of Former International Civil Servants



§       Re-form: The Bulletin of United Nations reform

§       Highlights

§       Documentation

§       Press Releases



§       Television

§       Radio

§       Photo

§       Archives

§       News

§       Special events

§       New releases

§       Your comments

§       Inquiries/orders/subscriptions



§       U.N. sales publications

§       Online publications

-         U.N. Chronicle

-         Africa Recovery

-         Image and Reality

-         Quotable Kofi Annan

-         U.N. in our Daily Lives

§       U.N. stamps

§       U.N. bookshop


§       Audio-visual

-         U.N. in Action video catalogue

-         Security Council meetings on film and video

-         General Assembly meetings on film and video

§       ECLAC: Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

-         Bibliographic database

§       Humanitarian affairs

-         Land mines

-         REFWORLD (refugees)

-         ReliefWeb

§       Peacekeeping training courses database

§       Statistics and indicators

-         MBS On-Line

-         Social indicators

§       Treaties

-         International Treaties

§       U.N. document symbols: Guide

-         U.N. Info Quest (UN-I-QUE) (1946 onwards)

§       United Nations Information System on the Question of Palestine

-         About UNISPAL

-         UNISPAL




§       Recent additions to the U.N. Web site




§       U.N. Journal-Programme of daily meetings at U.N. Headquarters, New York

-         Latest Daily Journal

-         Previous Daily Journals

§       Briefing room

-         Press briefings (last 7 days)

-         Press briefings-video

-         Daily briefings search

§       Office of the spokesman for the Secretary-General

§       Daily highlights-brief press summaries

-         Latest daily highlights

-         Daily highlights search

§       U.N. press releases

-         Press releases (last 7 days)

-         Press release search

§       Fact sheets & newsletters



§       United Nations documentation Research guide

§       Daily list of documents issued at Headquarters

§       Documents alert

§       U.N. conference documents

§       U.N. documents in German

§       U.N. Secretary-General

§       Security Council

§       General Assembly

§       Economic and Social Council

§       U.N.-I-QUE (U.N. Info Quest)



§       Official Web locator for the U.N. system

§       World map of U.N. Web sites

§       Departments, offices, programs, and regional commissions

§       List of member states

§       Permanent missions to the U.N.

-         ­New York

-         Geneva

§       U.N. information centres

§       Depository libraries




§       Member states of the United Nations

§       Permanent missions to the United Nations-New York

§       Permanent missions to the United Nations-Geneva

§       E-mail addresses of permanent missions to the United Nations-New York

§       Home pages of permanent missions to the United Nations-New York

§       Information for delegations

§       Information on the Year 2000 computer problem

§       Non-member states maintaining permanent observer missions at U.N. Headquarters

§       Intergovernmental organizations and other organizations or entities having received a standing invitation to participate as observers in the sessions and the work of the General Assembly and maintaining permanent offices at Headquarters





§       Central Intelligence Agency

§       Central Intelligence Machinery

§       Defense Intelligence Agency

§       Intelligence Online Project

§       International Relations and Security Network

§       National Security Agency

§       Security Intelligence Review Committee

§       Stratfor




§       Ballistic Missile Defense Organization

§       Defense LINK

§       Joint Chiefs of Staff





§       Environmental Protection Agency

§       Federal Trade Commission

§       National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

§       Nuclear Regulatory Commission

§       Securities and Exchange Commission





§       Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

§       Census Bureau

§       Center for Disease Control and Prevention

§       Department of State

§       United States House of Representatives

§       United States Information Agency

§       White House





§       Africa Policy

§       Bonn International Center for Conversion

§       British American Security Information Council

§       Brookings Institution

§       Council on Foreign Relations

§       Federation of American Scientists

§       Foreign Affairs

§       Foreign Policy

§       ID21

§       Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses

§       Institute for the Studies of Conflict, Ideology and Policy

§       Institute for Security Studies

§       Inter-American Development Bank index_english.htm

§       International Peace Academy

§       Monterey Institute

§       South Asian Analysis Group

§       Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

§       United Nations Association of the USA




§       European Union

§       League of Arab States (unofficial)

§       North Atlantic Treaty Organization

§       Organization of American States

§       Organization of African Unity

§       Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe





§       Australia       

§       Austria            

§       Belgium    

§       Canada   

§       Germany     

§       Norway 

§       Sweden

§       United Kingdom

§       United States




§       Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)

§       Africare

§       American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

§       Amnesty International

§       Atlanta International School

§       AUSTCARE

§       CARE

Carnegie Corporation of New York

§       Catholic Relief Services

§       CIET International, Community Information and Epidemiological Technologies

§       Community Aid Abroad Trading Pty Ltd

§       Development Alternatives, Inc.     

§       Disabled Peoples' International (DPI)

§       Doctors Without Borders

§       Global Landmine Survey

§       Greenpeace International

§       Handicap International

§       Human Rights Watch

§       Institute for Global Communications

§       International Crisis Group (ICG)

§       International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

§       International Rescue Committee, Inc. (IRC)

§       Landmine Survivors Network

§       Lutheran World Relief

§       Medecins sans Frontieres USA, Inc. (Doctors Without Borders, USA, Inc)

§       Medico International

§       Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) peace/landmines.html

§       Mine Warfare Association (MINWARA)

§       Mines Action Canada

§       NGO Committee on Disarmament

§       Norwegian People's Aid (NPA)

§       OneWorld front.html

§       Operation USA

§       Patrick J. Leahy War Victims Fund Office of Health and Nutrition, USAID

§       Physicians against Land Mines (PALM)

§       Physicians for Global Survival

§       Physicians for Human Rights (PHR)

§       Project Ploughshares Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies Conrad Grebel College

§       Prosthetics Outreach Foundation (POF)

§       Radda Barnen/Swedish Save The Children

§       Refugees International

§       Save the Children USA

§       Students Against Landmines mine.htm

§       United Nations Association Canada landmines.html

§       Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (VVAF)

§       World Emergency Relief

§       World EOD Foundation

§       World Rehabilitation Fund

§       World Vision

§       Women's International Net



§       Associated Press

§       British Broadcasting Corporation

§       Cable News Network

§       The Economist

§       Financial Times

§       Foreign Wire

§       Le Monde Diplomatique

§       MSNBC

§       The Nation

§       Newsweek

§       The New York Times

§       Policy

§       RAND Publications

§       Reuters

§       Time

§       Washington Post

§       World Policy Journal

§       World Press



MIDDLE EAST                      

    §       Center for Policy Analysis on Palestine

§       Middle East Insight

§       Middle East Research and Information Project

§       Middle East Review of International Affairs

§       Middle East Times

§       The Washington Institute of Near East Policy



§       United Nations

§       United Nations Children's Fund

§       United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

§       United Nations Development Programme

§       United Nations Environment Programme

§       United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

§       United Nations Industrial Development Programme

§       United Nations International Drug Control Programme

§       World Bank

§       World Food Programme

§       World Health Organization

§       Other United Nations Bodies




§       Anti-Defamation League

§       Center for Human Rights Education

§       Center for the Study of Human Rights

§       Child Rights International Research Institute

§       Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute\FERI

§       Human Rights Access

§       Human Rights Internet

§       International Human Rights Law Institute

§       Lawyers Committee for Human Rights

§       Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights

§       Physicians for Human Rights

§       Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights

§       University of Minnesota Human Rights Library.




§       Defense and Security

§       Refugee Law Center bookmarks.htm

§       The Drudge Report

§       General


H. Berghuis