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Country: Zongolia Committee: Political


Honorable chair, fellow delegates:

In this new millennium we hope for a new world, one without bloodshed and injustice. Zongolia believes that this can be the year in which 50 years of bloodshed in Palestine can be ended with the effective mediation and support of the United Nations. Zongolia has learned from the trauma of its own civil war that people can be blinded by the situation they've put themselves into, but can be led toward light and peace through the measured assistance of compassionate nations. We believe that Israel and Palestine, their governments and their people, truly want peace; they want their children to grow up in a spirit of peace, community and prosperity. We, the UN, committed to those ideals, must lead them, and if necessary, prod them. Zongolia will support any effort by this body to offer a balanced solution to the Palestinian question, as long is it recognizes the needs of both the Palestinian and the Israeli people.


                                                                         H. Berghuis