The PTG Works to Benefit the Whole Community at the AGM

The PTG Works to Benefit the Whole Community at the AGM

The PTG held their Annual General Meeting in the Black Box today

The Parents Teacher Group (PTG) had a healthy turnout for their annual AGM. Head of School Matt Mills thanked the members of the PTG and said, “ It’s lovely to see your enthusiasm. The PTG is about the whole community working together and that’s what Melissa Golden and her team have been doing all year.”  PTG Chair Melissa Golden said the main focus areas for the year were to promote community spirit, create opportunities for parents to connect and communication and information sharing. Through the year, the PTG have organised a number of opportunities for parents, including weekly pilates classes, yoga classes, a running club and the monthly Tech Talk. This year also saw the addition of Tiger Shop items in the School Shop and the addition of country representatives. The congenial atmosphere in the Black Box was made event better by a half-way break with Pilates that had everyone smiling.

As detailed in the PTG constitution, positions are held for a two-year tenure and so it was natural that some positions were up for election. The 2019/20 PTG Committee members are:

Chair – Melissa Golden

Vice-Chair – Joseph Cole

Secretary – Vanessa Girling

Treasurer – Robert Scott

Thai Liaison – Chavapas (Jo) Ongmahutmongkol

Communications – Maayan Chorev

Tiger Shop Manager – Fernanda Castillo

Primary Parents Representative – Jayne Harvey

Secondary Parents Representative – Marielle Eurlings

Newcomers Representative – Vibeke Herslov, Vanessa Abdala Sales

Events Coordinator – Michela Pianesi

International Day Coordinator – Radhika Chawla

Fun Day Coordinator – Position Vacant

A big thank you to the parents who volunteer at the PTG events, your efforts and time are much appreciated by the entire community! For more information on the PTG, please visit the PTG pages on our internal website. All volunteers are welcome!