Their First Residential Experience

Inspired by their first experience of a Residential Visit, Year 3 students put on a creative sharing assembly!

This week, the students in Year 3 shared their Residential experience with Key Stage 2 and their parents in an assembly. The children led the way, putting together the parts of the assembly and developing role plays and skits that reflected their time away on Residential. 3C and 3F performed a narrative poem about the night before the trip and their worries whilst 3J and 3M entertained the audience with tales from the picnic and fun on the beach. 3K and 3H shared some top secret stories about what they got up to at bedtimes and reflected on the whole experience, thinking about the impact it had on them, leaving 3A and 3D to share the giant art projects that they are currently working on. Whilst playing on the beach and swimming in the sea, many of the children were disappointed and repulsed by the rubbish that washed up on the beach. We all know that plastic is an on-going problem and so the Year 3s are creating two giant pieces of art from rubbish to raise awareness about this issue. 

Throughout the half term, Year 3 teachers used the Bruno Mars’ song ‘Count on Me’ to remind the children that friendships and caring for each other are such a vital part of our lives. The assembly finished with the entire Year group singing this song. We were very proud of the children when they were on their Residential Visits and equally as impressed with the way that they shared the experience on stage. It really did highlight the importance of our Residential programme and just how much our students gain from this invaluable opportunity. They really do experience an immense amount of personal growth when we have the opportunity to take them away together and it is such a pleasure to be a part of that journey with them.