There are some ‘Changes’ Ahead in Year 6

Year 6 students began a new unit on ‘Changes’ and the first day involved a lot of playing around!

Year 6 has started a new unit of learning on “Changes”, but they seemed a little hesitant walking into their classes on the launch day. Their teachers had decided to use a play-based entry point, with science as the driving force. The unit focuses on changes in the body; specifically the circulatory system and how this is affected by exercise. Each classroom hosted a different activity: In one class, students role-played different scenarios involving first aid and resuscitation; another class created soundscapes for different parts of the body using a combination of iMovie and Garage Band; one group created sculptures of the different organs using paper mache, plasticine or playdough (created by a couple of our Maths groups) and the final group used junk modelling equipment to recreate the internal organs and their structure.

There were some incredibly powerful conversations throughout the day and wonderful examples of collaborative learning. The students pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and surprised themselves in what they could do. More importantly, they highlighted that play is a valuable aspect of learning and should never be forgotten, no matter how old we are.