Vital Skills for Independence

Soon to be heading off to further education around the globe, our Year 13s have been learning some practical skills to assist their impending independence.

Year 13 students are ‘skilling up’ as they are preparing for independent life next year. Their university/college offers are coming in meaning Grad 19 will soon be relocating to a wide range of destinations! Some of our students are even planning an exciting gap year before further study. Whatever the country, course or activity, life is about to change in a big way for these young adults. We are using our Tutorial time to discuss and practice things like:
– Cooking up a healthy fresh meal in under 20 minutes
– How to do laundry – What do all those signs mean in clothes labels anyway? What’s a cool wash and where does the softener go in the washing machine?
– Basic hand sewing and stitching. 
– Putting an ironing board up and down and controlling the heat to press different fabrics and have crease-free clothes.

Whilst half of the Year group were undertaking the practical, hands-on stuff, the other half was learning about bank accounts, budgets, health care and the culture shock of leaving home. All students will get to experience both sessions where they will hopefully learn something useful for their fast-approaching futures whilst enjoying the company of their classmates. 

With only seven weeks to go until study leave starts, keep going Year 13 – you’ve got this!