Welcome Back Assembly!

Welcome Back Assembly!

The entire school filled the Sports Centre for the Welcome Back Assembly.

Our first whole school assembly took place on the second day of the new academic year. Mr Mills was in top form welcoming new students and old, new teachers and parents. Mr Mills was happy to announce that the massive renovation and construction over the summer would prove very worthwhile as Senior students now have an amazing Senior Studies Centre, and pre-cooled fresh air filtered systems were installed throughout the school, ensuring clean air for students even when the air in Bangkok deteriorates.

The audience enjoyed performances by the Chamber Choir and a Year 6 band. Mr Mills introduced this year’s focus on Well-Being and Mr Tatam was the resident expert in a World Cup Rugby quiz. Quiz winners each won a signed rugby ball by our own Patana celebrities: Mr Mills and Mr Tatam.

Miss Thew shared a selection of the Patana Summer Selfies and encouraged students to focus on #kindandcompassionate and by being kind to their new classmates and welcoming them to the Patana family.

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