Welcoming Thongbai Daycare

Welcoming Thongbai Daycare

Our Year 12 and 13 students give back to the community as they host the Thongbai Daycare for fun and play!

Year 12 and 13 CAS students regularly host visitors from Thongbai Daycare. Our students spend time with the pre-school children as they enjoy the playground equipment, practising riding bikes, learning to swim, exploring their creativity with cooking and art activities and engaging with the range of fantastic learning resources available in our Foundation Stage centre.

“I decided to join the Thongbai Daycare ECA, as I personally felt that I hadn’t done enough for charity and the local community. Being at Bangkok Patana School, I am very fortunate to have these amazing facilities. Facilities that were made by local construction workers who work long days. Therefore I wanted to give back to this community by helping out with the local children who come to our school for a few hours and play in the Foundation Stage. This experience, helping out in the Thongbai Daycare ECA, has really benefited the children and me. The children are provided with great resources and facilities to use and are surrounded by a community where they can learn and practice their English. I now understand the importance of community work. It has also taught me that languages are extremely valuable and I shouldn’t be taking my language lessons for granted.”
Jo Vanden Auweele, Year 12

“I decided to volunteer because I really enjoy spending time with children and I find the experience really rewarding. Seeing the children smile when I play with them really makes my day and knowing that they had even a little bit of fun when they come is extremely rewarding and worth it.”
Megan Leong, Year 12

“I decided to volunteer as I believe this experience will allow me to connect with people from different backgrounds and I wanted to give the children the love and support they need. This experience creates a loving community and also helps me to grow as a person. I have learned a lot from these little guys, seeing them smile and their energy is the most rewarding part as it just makes my whole day and inspires me to appreciate the little things in life.”
Benya (Best) Sukamongkol, Year 12