Year 11 Fulfilment Week

Year 11 Fulfilment Week

Year 11 has their own kind of Resi – on campus!

While most Secondary Year groups were away on Residentials, Year 11 students spent their week on campus engaged in a fun-filled fulfilment week.

Year 11 fulfilment week was created as a way to catch up on work with some private study time and to also relax with some fun activities. The week’s schedule included Muay Thai, self defense, drama games and Thai crafts with a visiting artist. In total, there were 11 study sessions, each lasting at least an hour, and eight activity sessions to help balance the work and make the week both fun and productive. Each student was assigned to a group, with each group having a different timetable. Students were able to decide what they wanted to do in the study session time slots and filled out a timetable to keep track of their week, making it feel like a residential!

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, students participated in a lecture from Elevate, a company based in Australia that teaches studying techniques and how to ace exams. The advice was presented by current university students who are going through their own examination processes. Students found these sessions useful and engaging, as the presenters would ask the students questions and place them in the example scenarios in an effort to make the study techniques easier to understand. 

Overall, fulfilment week was a unique experience and a nice change from stressing about exams. It has helped students to catch up on their work whilst also balancing fun activities, just like a residential! 

 Contributed by Niamh Smith, 11R