Policies and Placement

Priority is given to those who, by virtue of their previous education experience, have no choice but to attend an English-speaking international school. Children must, however, be fluent in English or be at a stage where they can achieve fluency given specialist support.

Our intake of Thai students is limited to approximately 20%, and due to the high demand for a small number of places we have a slightly different application process for Thai nationals. This ensures that we have the most up-to-date information regarding potential applicants. We realise that some of our applicants may be of dual nationality – if you are unsure about which nationality you should apply under, please contact our Admissions Office for clarification before submitting an application.

Please note that an application is not complete and will not be considered for placement until all applicable documents have been submitted to the Admissions Office and the Application Fee has been paid. 

Available places in certain age groups are regularly oversubscribed and parents are advised to make an early application or to contact the Admissions Office regarding the current enrolment situation.

For Year group placement by age range and Year group equivalents please see the following document: