At Bangkok Patana School extraordinary learning takes place. The photo above is one of many from Bangkok Patana 2041. In 2041 the international moratorium on mining in Antarctica will end. The community sent one teacher and one student to Antarctica to see the effects of climate change first-hand and motivate us even further to adapt our lifestyles. Bangkok Patana 2041 provided learning, well-being and global citizenship opportunities from Foundation Stage all the way up to Year 13.

This isn't the only example of extraordinary learning...

Can seven year old children understand atomic theory? Maybe. Bangkok Patana School is one of a few school worldwide that are part of a pilot project to teach young children the basics of atomic theory.  The video below shows you how our young students are thrilled to explore these concepts.

Our Science Centre is Extraordinary...

Our Secondary Science Centre is a dynamic space. Each lab is fully equipped and students learn using technology, first hand experiences and guidance from their teachers. The video below will give you an idea of what happens in the Science Centre.

Our Current Staff Say....

What makes living here even better is where I teach. Bangkok Patana is a fantastic school that, despite being huge, still manages to maintain a strong and intimate community spirit. It prides itself on high standards of teaching and learning so as to ensure its students become true global citizens equipped with the skills necessary to lead a successful life.
John O’Shea, Primary School Teacher

Expectations are very high and the work is fast-paced. There are different pressures at a school like Patana compared to the UK but when you apply to a school with such a reputation, this is to be expected. The attitude of the students, their enthusiasm and willingness to learn is more than enough to make you realise that the hard work pays off.
Liam and Lyndsey Tyrell, Secondary School Teachers