Learning at Patana

“I find that the best thing about being a student at Bangkok Patana School is being exposed to a myriad of perspectives which makes my learning in and outside the classroom multidimensional. I love the environment that Patana creates as the school establishes a sense of community.”

Schools by their very nature and communities they represent are diverse organisations and in this period of rapid educational evolution, they are becoming more and more diverse in terms of what is being taught, how it is taught and assessed, who is teaching and who is learning. Our British-based, international curriculum encourages diversity and isn’t overly prescriptive; that is a good thing because students learn in different ways. Providing a wide range of learning experiences and allowing students to explore and inquire, make our learning programmes highly successful. Bangkok Patana students embrace diversity and place their own diversity into the world around them.

We are a proudly academically non-selective, not-for-profit international school and our students are exceeding expectations on all fronts. Bangkok Patana is widely recognised as one of the highest performing schools in Asia with an enviable long term record of academic, sporting and cultural achievement. This provides the testimony that we are providing a successful education to develop creativity and determination in every aspiring student that enters our incredible 21st century learning environ.

Chris Sammons
Head of School