Front Car Park and Drop Off Area

Side Car Park

Foundation Stage

Our Foundation Stage environment and facilities are wonderful, and though part of the larger school, are sufficiently separate to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children. The Foundation Stage has covered and uncovered zones and students have open access to all areas (inside and out). Our facilities include a cycle track, sensory stream, learn-to-swim pool, indoor exploration areas, outdoor play areas (to promote physical development), a variety of ICT tools, libraries and gardens.

Stories about Foundation Stage

We are Kind and Compassionate

Foundation Stage Adds New Menu Item for the Canteen

Year 3/4

Year 3 and 4 enjoy the use of their own dedicated building with individual classrooms, shared areas, ICT Labs and a cookery suite across two floors.

Stories about Year 3/4

No Stormy Weather for Year 3

Digestion in Year 4

Business Ethics and Equality in Year 4

Year 3/4 Playground

Primary Canteen

The Primary Canteen is a clean and comfortable space for our Primary Students to enjoy delicious and balanced healthy meals.

Stories about the Primary Canteen

Foundation Stage Adds New Menu Item for the Canteen

Primary Side Field

Sports Hall

The school’s sports hall is used by students of all ages as well as being the location of many whole school events and assemblies. The main hall can be divided into three, each with their own basketball court. The Sports Hall also houses our indoor climbing wall, dance studios, spin bikes and fitness suite.

Stories about the Sports Hall

Bangkok Patana Hosts Super Junior SEASAC

Gong Xi Fa Cai – Chinese New Year at Bangkok Patana

British Olympic Climbing Coach Visits Patana

Mini Tennis Courts

The Mini Tennis Courts are used by our Primary and Foundation students for fun and exercise.

Stories about the Mini Tennis Courts

Fun at the Mini Tennis

Year 5/6

Recently rebuilt to offer eight classrooms per year group, the Year 5/6 building is a modern, well-planned space with art and design rooms and a large multi-purpose space on the third floor, alongside state-of-the art classrooms and learning spaces.

Stories about Year 5 and 6

Year 5 is Out of this World

Year 6 is All Heart

There are Some Changes Ahead for Year 6

Primary World Languages & Thai

Housed in its own building, this is where students from Years 3 to 6 come for their language lessons in Thai, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Mandarin.

Stories about Primary World Languages and Thai

Felice Pascuas

Sharing Stories from Other Cultures

Meet Madame Patricia’s New Assistants

Bangkok -Barcelona Project

Learning Chinese Calligraphy

Back Hard Court

Swimming Office & 25 Metre Pool Changing Rooms

Swim Academy

25 Metre Pool

Bangkok Patana has a smaller 25 metre pool for our younger students. This is a great place for them to improve their swimming skills and show them off in our Swim Galas

Stories about the 25 metre pool

Fun-tastic Time at the Swim Galas


Home of the Patana Gymnastics Team, the facility boasts three sets of uneven bars, a dedicated pommel horse and conditioning area, a sunken trampoline and a huge foam pit which runs the entire width of the gym providing a soft dismount area for the trampoline, vault, men’s high bar, beams and uneven bars.

Gymnastics Academy

Junior SEASAC 2019 Video

Bangkok Patana Hosts Super Junior SEASAC

Senior SEASAC Gymnastics  Championships 2019

ISB Black & Gold Gymnastics Competition 2019

Primary Learning Support & Primary Changing Rooms

Learn To Swim Pool

The Learn to Swim Pool is for our youngest students, it offers a safe and fun environment for FS students to learn how to swim.

Stories about the Learn to Swim Pool

Nursery Hit the Pool


The Nursery programme offers an exciting and nurturing environment for our youngest learners starting from the age of two. The adult:child ratio is set at a maximum of 1:7 for Nursery. Our Nursery children have their own purpose-built building, while still being able to take advantage of the larger facilities on campus.

Stories about Nursery

Healthy Choices in Nursery

A Good Start to Term 3

Exploration in the Nursery

Visitors from Home of Praise

Transport Building

Primary Library and Music

Our Library team work very hard to ensure that the Primary Library provides a positive and motivating environment for our students to enjoy. Children in the Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 all have access to a large range of suitable texts within the Primary Library and each class from FS2 up to Year 6 enjoys a weekly Library session. Our Music rooms are located above the Library and are used by our specialist music teachers for the timetabled lessons.

Stories about Primary Library and Music

Year 3 Use Music to Describe Things

Visiting Authors to our Libraries

Primary Office

Primary Hall

The Primary Hall holds lots of school events including art exhibitions, Year group and Key Stage assemblies, Fairy-tale Balls and much, much more!
The Primary Hall is located on the second floor, underneath houses a play space for Years 1 and 2, our Parent Teacher Group meeting room and the Tiger Shop, which sells items in support of the school mascot.

Year 4 Hone Their Entrepreneurial Skills

Primary Back Field

Stories about the Primary Back Field

Sportsmanship and Strategy in Key Stage 2

Year 1/2

This state-of-the-art building is home to Years 1 and 2. Along with the individual classrooms, it also contains a cookery room, IT suites, collaborative learning areas and a Physical Development room.

Stories about Year 1/2

Year 1 Mischief Makers

Harmonious Habitats!

Active Starts in Year 1

Year 1/2 Playground

Year 1 and 2 have their own separate playground where they can explore and have fun .. and learn.

Stories about Year 1/2 Playground

Would You Stand Under a Paper Umbrella?

School Shop & Post Office

The School Shop & Post Office is open Monday to Friday from 7.30am until 4.00pm during term time.

Arts Centre

The purpose built Arts Centre houses the Secondary Art, Drama and Music classrooms and facilities. Students are excited to share their creative skills, giving hours of enjoyment to many members of our school community and most importantly they learn to develop faith in their own ideas and capacity for imagination. The Arts Centre provides teachers and students with space that allows for full expression of their creativity and undoubted talents. Apart from classrooms it also includes the 600-seat Rosamund Stuetzel Theatre, a black box performance space, recording studio, orchestra room and Exhibition Hall.

Stories about the Arts Centre

Alice in Wonderland

IB Art Show and Design Technology Exhibition 


Exploring the World of Theatre

Music Non-Stop at Patana United

Graduation of the Class of 2019

Administration Building & Conference Centre

The Administration Centre holds all the business offices that keep the school ticking over. The Conference Centre hosts board meetings as well as other events.

Stories about the Administration Building and Conference Centre

The SILC Bazaar Returns

Thai Sala

Paying homage to our home country, the beautiful Thai Sala is the location of our Head of School’s Office and is surrounded by a calming pond filled with koi carp.

Secondary DT, EAL & Thai

The Design+Technology classrooms are well-equipped to offer students a chance to think out of the box and engage their creative skills. Design + Technology prepares students to participate in tomorrow’s rapidly changing technologies; they learn to think and intervene creatively to improve quality of life. Thai and English as an Additional Language classes are offered on the second and third floors. Thai Language classes are offered to those who use it as a first language and to those who want to learn Thai. All courses teach an appreciation and understanding of Thai culture through reading, writing, speaking and listening. English as an Additional Language (EAL) classes focus strongly on students’ reading and writing skills as well as students’ General English and subject-specific vocabulary.

Stories on D+T, EAL and Thai

Resistant Materials: Design + Technology

Setting Time for Design + Technology

Building Bridges

Wai Kru 2018

The Design Council

Secondary Library

An invaluable resource for all our community, the Secondary Library not only contains non-fiction and fiction texts for all age groups, it also houses a Parents’ Collection of books and journals and a considerable range of Teacher Professional Development resources. The Library also hosts events related to reading and books.

Stories about the Secondary Library

Visiting Authors to our Libraries

International Women’s Day 2018

Cross Campus Office, Cross Campus Staff Room, Counsellors Suite & Oral Exam Rooms

50 Metre Pool Changing Rooms, Squash Courts & Youth Club

Swim Academy

50 Metre Pool

The 50 metre pool offers our students a large venue to practice and play water sports such as water polo. It not only hosts our own competitions but also international competitions.

Stories about the 50 metre pool

TigerShark Swimmers to Compete in British Nationals This Summer

Feeding Frenzy 2018

Key Stage 2 Swimming Galas

Year 6 Hit the Water

Swim Academy

Science Centre

Our purpose-built Science Centre is the first such facility in Thailand. A modern facility, it houses a floor of larger and lighter laboratories for each of the sciences. A high number of our students go on to study a science-based course in tertiary education and this building reflects the importance the school places on this faculty of study. An extended student lounge and snack and smoothie bar are also located on the first floor.

Stories about the Science Centre

Fume Hood Experiments

Year 10 Students Can See the Light

Scientific Research and Experimentation for Year 12 Students

Gamma Ray Spectrometer

Noodle Bar

The Chopsticks Noodle Bar serves on average over 300 bowls a day to students and staff. The Noodle Bar is a popular choice for students and staff, and often a highlight for returning alumni. The Noodle Bar serves Thai style, vegetarian and non-vegetarian noodles.

Stories about Chopsticks, the Noodle Bar

Healthy Choices from Different Cuisines

Secondary Lounge, Computing and Learning Support

The Lounge is a social space for our Secondary students to use during break and lunch times. The Lounge is also the location for special events such as the CAT/CAS Fair and the University Fair. It is also the location of our very popular Noodle Bar!

Stories about the Secondary Lounge, Computing and Learning Support

Cat/CAS Fair at the Lounge

University Fair

Junior Enterprise Entrepreneurs

Secondary Office

Front Field

Front Hard Court

A covered facility that houses three basketball courts and is used for social and competitive sports as well as visiting performances and fire drills.

Stories about the Front Hard Court

Dancing with Your Gumboots On

Senior Studies

Our Senior Studies students, in Years 12 and 13 have access to this building which includes a common room area, quiet study space and is linked directly to our University and Careers Counselling Faculty.

Stories about Senior Studies

Changes to Senior Studies

Secondary Canteen

The Secondary Canteen is buffet style and features a daily menu of both International and Thai food. Non-meat options are available.  We have a nutritionist on staff who works with our chefs on meal plans that offer a good variety of options and are also healthy and nutritious.

Stories about the Secondary Canteen

Healthy Choices from Different Cuisines at our Canteens

Secondary English & World Languages

Secondary English and World Languages offers students classes in modern languages including French, Spanish, Japanese, German, and Mandarin. Secondary English gives students the opportunity to use their English skills in creative ways focusing on increasing fluency in speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Stories about Secondary English and World Languages

Creative Campaigns

Year 9 Spanish Students Use Real Life Skills 

Debating Energy Policy in French

First, We Must Aspire to Understand Different Cultures

How Do Year 10s Spend Their Free Time?

Secondary Mathematics & Humanities

Stories about Secondary Mathematics and Humanities

Data Crunching for Year 8

World Mathematics Championships

Year 11 Pepsi Challenge

Year 8 Getting their Bearings

Sports Complex Car Park & Main School Car Park

Tennis Courts

Our Tennis Centre situated adjacent to our Sports Complex offers eight competition courts with flood lights. Our Tennis Academy offers teams from Under 11 – Varsity and these teams participate in Singles and Team events on a regular basis. Several of our players have successfully transitioned to US College programmes and several are nationally ranked in Thailand.

Stories about the Tennis Courts

Year 6 Student Selected for Under 12 Thai National Team

SEASAC Tennis champions


FOBISIA Success for the Tennis Academy

Tennis Academy

Tennis Academy Home Page

Tennis Office

Tennis Academy

Sports Complex Pavilion & Changing Rooms

Sports Complex Fields

On the opposite side of Lasalle Road, connected by a pedestrian footbridge is the school’s multi-purpose Sports Complex. The Tennis Office and eight tennis courts are located here along with the grandstand that overlooks the multiple sports pitches that are mainly used for football and rugby, and cricket nets. As well as being used by the school many community sport groups use these facilities at weekends and after the school day.

Outdoor Classroom

Our outside classroom facility has been developed to improve the provision of environmental education across the whole school. Used by students ranging from primary pond dipping to secondary research projects, the outdoor site features a large pond with an island and a traditional Thai-style sala built on its shores.

Stories about the Outdoor Classroom

Exploring the Outdoor Classroom

New Learning Features in the Outdoor Classroom

We Have Chickens!

Investigating Micro-organisms 

Bangjak Overflow Car Park

Todsamon Car Park

Todsamon Park

Todsamon Clubhouse & Panipa

Todsamon Residence

Primary Well-being Room

A space for our Primary students that offers something different than a regular classroom. With space to meditate, do yoga, mindfulness colouring, small world play and exploration as well as PSHE and circle time learning, this is a space for our Primary students to relax and re-set.

Stories about the Well-being Room

Well-being Room

The Primary Well-Being Room

Dance Academy

Our Dance and Drama Academy offers students with a passion for the performing arts to really stretch themselves and explore a range of dance styles and performance opportunities in their own dedicated space. Our non-selective programme includes Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Drama and Cheerleading.

Learn more about the Dance & Drama academy:

Dance And Drama Academy Page

Dancers Light Up the Stage


New Academies and the Long Term Vision

Dance and Drama Academy News

First Competitive Dance Competition