Student well-being is supported in a number of ways, from the smallest positive interaction between a student and member of staff, to whole school events such as International Day which celebrate diversity. It is also part of the curriculum in the shape of the Tutorial Programme.

The Tutorial Programme is an important part of the curriculum at Bangkok Patana School. It aims to support the students during their time in the Secondary School; a time where they transition from childhood into adolescence and then into adults. For many, this transition is fraught with challenges that affect both their well-being and academic progress. The programme also aims to equip the students with the knowledge and understanding they need to make choices that help keep them safe and well, both now and in the future.  Some of the themes covered in this programme are:

  • Emotional Health
  • Relationships
  • Physical Health
  • Social and Emotional Health
  • Personal Safety
  • Life Skills
  • Digital Safety
  • Career Education
  • Global citizenship, equality and diversity
  • Study Skills
  • Residential Visits

The programme is delivered by Tutors, Heads of Year and subject specialists during a weekly 80 minute session. Visiting speakers also play a vital role by sharing their expertise and providing specialist advice and guidance to the students. Tutorials are varied in nature and include a range of activities such as role-plays, debates, group presentations, discussions and demonstrations to maximise student engagement and learning.

School Counsellors

The social and emotional counselling team also play a key role in promoting well-being across the school and plans are in place to extend this provision in the next academic year with the team increasing to two full-time and two part-time counsellors. This increased capacity will enable the counselling team to extend the support they currently provide to the whole student body as well as continue to offer one-to-one counselling for those in need. The recent coffee mornings focusing on ‘gaming’ and ‘parenting teenagers’ proved incredibly popular and this provision will also be extended with the counselling team offering more presentations as well as a series of workshops. The current counselling area will also grow to create a ‘Hub’ where students looking for a quiet place during break or lunch time will be able to play board games, listen to music or just have a quiet few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the school. The Hub will also be a place where students can drop in to ask the counselling team questions, access resources or just find a listening ear.

If our students are to flourish, achieve academically and successfully navigate their teenage years it is vital that they are equipped with the skills, knowledge, understanding to ensure they are emotionally healthy – And this is what we aim to do.

Learn in-depth about our whole school events that celebrate diversity and promote well-being: