The Foundation

Bangkok Patana School is a not-for-profit organisation, so we do not have shareholders. The Bangkok Patana School Foundation Board members, the Committee and Sub-Committee members and management ensure the organisation is maintained and protected now and in the future. The Board consists of people with a balance of skills and expertise, and with good relationships within the local community. They oversee the school’s operations and continued development in line with the school’s Guiding Statements. In addition, to ensure that the Foundation is able to own land, at least 51 percent of the Board members are of Thai nationality.

Sub-Committees members must be current parents and have the relevant skills needed to serve on their respective Sub-Committee. The Board, Committee and Sub-Committee members are volunteers and do not receive any compensation for their work.

Our Current Board

Our current Foundation Board members are:

  • Dr Tarisa Watanagase – Chairperson
  • Mrs Laura Stamp – Vice Chairperson
  • Mr Kajit Habanananda – Vice Chairperson
  • Mr Peter Burke – Secretary
  • Mrs Kamolwan Chunhagsikarn – Treasurer
  • ML Pariyada Diskul
  • Mr Predee Daochai
  • Mr Threekwan Bunnag
  • Mr Karma Rana
  • Mr John Anderson
  • Mr Stephen Golsby
  • Dr Mana Lohatepanont
  • Dr Joel Farnworth
  • Ms Tiziana Sucharitkul

To contact the Office of the Foundation Board, please email