Student Achievement

“A Bangkok Patana student intrinsically has a desire to learn and fill the gaps, with aspirations to do well in their academics and also their personal pursuits. They love to be challenged and are excited when they grasp and attain a new skill.”

Bangkok Patana School students are consistently succeeding in a wide area of academic benchmarks. The incredibly high scores are a celebration for not only the individual students, but their teachers, parents and their school.

At Bangkok Patana School we believe learning should be challenging and enjoyable, and we strive to maintain that balance to ensure our students confidently and successfully face the challenges of the future.

Matthew G Mills
Head of School

Academic Achievement in Primary School

The three charts below tell a celebratory story of how Primary students’ progress bounced back to 2018/19 averages, which was the year before the first COVID related school closure in 2019.

(I)GCSE Results

International Baccalaureate

Top Global University Destinations

Secondary School results are highlighted here.
For a full review of Bangkok Patana’s student achievements, view our book here.