Student Achievement

“A Bangkok Patana student intrinsically has a desire to learn and fill the gaps, with aspirations to do well in their academics and also their personal pursuits. They love to be challenged and are excited when they grasp and attain a new skill.”

Bangkok Patana School students are consistently succeeding in a wide area of academic benchmarks. The incredibly high scores are a celebration for not only the individual students, but their teachers, parents, and their school.

At Bangkok Patana School, we believe learning should be challenging and enjoyable, and we strive to maintain that balance to ensure our students confidently and successfully face the challenges of the future.

Chris Sammons
Head of School

Academic Achievement in Primary School

Results from 2021/22 show that we outperformed both regional and all schools in both subjects. These results are a testament to the resourcefulness and resilience of our community. Well done to our students and a big thank you to their teachers and parents for guiding them.

Cognitive Assessments In Primary

This September we tested all Year 4, 5 and 6 students with a cognitive abilities test called CAT4. Cognitive ability tests are used to help schools understand students’ current abilities and likely academic potential. The tests do assess some knowledge; however, their main purpose is to assess how well the students’ can reason and make relationships between words, numbers, shapes and objects, i.e. using one’s imagination and reasoning.

According to GL Assessment (the creators of CAT4) the average SAS for an international school is 106.  Our results suggest that our Year 5 and 6 students are currently more able than students of the same age in other international schools.

(I)GCSE Results

Congratulations to our Graduating Class of 2025!

International Baccalaureate

The Graduating Class of 2023 out-performed the global average for its high scorers: One student scored a perfect 45 out of only about 300 students worldwide and 27% of the class scored 40 or higher. These are incredible achievements.

The Graduating Class of 2023 was a cohort of 131 students, 125 of whom took the full IB Diploma. Congratulations to Grad’23, 99% of IB Diploma students passed, compared to a World Average* (WA) of 79%. The average points score for students who passed the IB Diploma was 37 points compared to the World Average of 30 points while a mean grade of 5.8 was achieved in individual subjects compared the World Average of 4.8.

*World Average data is taken from the provisional statistical bulletin for the May 2023 session published in July 2023 prior to subsequent grade revisions.

For a full review of Bangkok Patana’s student achievements, view our most recent Student Achievement book here.

Please note that the Student Achievement book is published at the end of Term 1 following the academic year from which the data is collected.