Most of our Senior students (Year 12 and 13) follow the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme. We believe that our Senior Studies Programme should be available to all students – our only requirement is that they should have the necessary motivation and enthusiasm to benefit from what we offer. We aim to see students grow in academic ability and maturity in order that they fulfil their potential.

The Senior Studies Programme at Bangkok Patana is a demanding one and students need to be:

  • motivated – both academically and socially;
  • able to cope with the range of subjects;
  • adaptable and flexible in their approach to learning;
  • resourceful and independent;
  • effective at time-management.

The ultimate goal of the Senior Studies Programme is for students to receive the Bangkok Patana School Academic Diploma and either the International Baccalaureate Diploma or Courses qualification. To do this students must satisfactorily fulfil all the requirements of the individual courses that they undertake and complete the relevant examinations in their chosen subjects.

In the case of the IB Diploma students will choose a course from each of the six option groups, as detailed in our Senior Studies Curriculum Guide, as well as complete the three core elements of the programme: TOK (Theory of Knowledge), CAS (Community Activities Service) and the Extended Essay. For IB Courses, a more tailored approach is possible, with fewer subjects chosen so as to most appropriately fit and challenge the individual student.

Our IB classes are generally smaller than classes in the other Secondary School Key Stages and this provides for focused and supportive learning environments.


IB Diploma Results 2023

This year’s graduating cohort out-performed the global average for its high scorers: One student scored a perfect 45 out of only about 300 students worldwide and 27% of the class scored 40 or higher. These are incredible achievements!

The Graduating Class of 2023 was a cohort of 131 students, 125 of whom took the full IB Diploma. Congratulations to Grad’23, 99% of IB Diploma students passed, compared to a World Average* (WA) of 79%. The average points score for students who passed the IB Diploma was 37 points compared to the World Average of 30 points while a mean grade of 5.8 was achieved in individual subjects compared the World Average of 4.8.

These results represent a strong showing for a non-academically selective school. Bangkok Patana School continues its path of excellence for its graduating cohort whose strong IB results came with numerous offers to leading global universities including offers from Oxbridge, Ivy League and Russell Group schools. Learn more about Grad’23 Patana Pathways here!

*World Average data is taken from the provisional statistical bulletin for the May 2023 session published in July 2023 prior to subsequent grade revisions.

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