The Bangkok Patana School  Swim Academy is our oldest year-long selective ECA programme, established almost 20 years ago. This programme provides coaching for students from Year 1 – 13, who are affectionately known as the TigerSharks.

The programme includes training opportunities before school, after school and on weekends, with some of our most Senior student-athletes participating in up to 10 sessions a week. The programme offers students the chance to improve and refine their swimming skills and achieve a superb level of fitness. There are both selective and recreational options.

Our TigerSharks are a dominant force in BISAC, SEASAC and FOBISIA. We regularly attend swim meets throughout Thailand (including Thailand National Championships) and other events in South-East Asia.

One of the highlights of the year for the TigerSharks is hosting the annual Feeding Frenzy, one of South-East Asia’s largest and most prestigious international school swimming invitationals. This event attracts swimmers from as far afield as China and the Middle East.  This two and a half day spectacle, often has upwards of 600 entrants.

The level of training and performance offered in the Swimming Academy is on a par with club based programmes you would find in your home countries and many of our students participate in their home nationals during summer and holidays.

*BISAC – Bangkok International School Athletic Conference

SEASAC – South East Asia School Athletic Conference

FOBISIA – Federation of British International Schools in Asia

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