Foundation Stage (Nursery, FS1 and FS2)

Welcome to the Bangkok Patana Foundation Stage – A Centre of Excellence “We play, we think, we learn!”

As we all know, for a building to withstand the test of time it needs a strong foundation. The same is true of children’s education. That is why we are committed to providing the educational experiences and choices necessary to develop the learning characteristics that will support your children throughout their lives. Our youngest learners benefit from specialist teachers in music, physical development and language who supplement our early years’ faculty.

Tiny Tigers is a flexible playgroup (for accompanied children aged from 1 year old) which runs every morning in our Nursery learning environment. Our programme is play-based and led by a specialist Early Years teacher. For more information or to register, please email

Students may enter our Nursery Programme from 2 years of age. Separate from Foundation Stage 1 and 2 classes, Nursery offers an exciting and nurturing environment for our youngest learners. The adult: child ratio is set at a maximum of 1:7 for Nursery. Our Nursery children have their own purpose-built building, while still being able to take advantage of the larger facilities on campus.

Foundation Stage 1 (FS1) and Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)
We have three learning zones within FS1 and FS2. Each zone comprises of one FS1 class and two FS2 classes. Each class is led by a class teacher with four teaching assistants supporting in each zone.

At Bangkok Patana School, we are committed to encouraging children to become independent learners. We use the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum as a guideline.

Children explore and learn through play, allowing them opportunities to take risks in a safe environment. The opportunities for individual exploration and use of imagination allow our children to develop the characteristics needed to become effective, life-long learners. Our innovative, state-of-the-art Foundation Stage building reflects this approach to learning.

Foundation Stage staff work together to equip the environment and plan engaging activities for our children. We carefully observe the student responses to the learning experiences using the skills outlined in the EYFS Development Matters document as a guide.We focus on giving ownership of discovery to the children by developing learning environments that encourage wonder, where children direct learning by asking for what they need and independently solving problems.

We recognise parents as the first and foremost educators and we actively encourage a partnership between home and school to further supplement our ongoing assessment of each child. Through this meticulous data gathering, the Foundation Stage staff observe the interests and learning needs of the children.

The facilities in the Foundation Stage are the newest in the school and have very quickly become known as one of the best in South East Asia and beyond. The Foundation Stage has covered and uncovered zones and students have open access to all areas (inside and out). Adults interact with students, support learning and ensure the safety of all throughout the Foundation Stage. Our facilities include a cycle track, sensory stream, learn-to-swim pool, indoor exploration areas, outdoor play areas (to promote physical development), a variety of ICT tools, libraries and gardens. At the same time, children receive stimulation through carefully supervised access to the grounds of the greater school and through their interaction with the older students.

For more information on the Foundation Stage and our learning philosophy please do not hesitate to contact the Primary Office at For information about the applications process and for a tour of the school please contact our Admissions team.

Foundation Stage School Day

See in-depth what our Foundation Stage students are doing: