Year 6 is All Heart

Year 6 students had a chance to investigate real hearts when learning about the circulatory system.

As part of their new unit, Year 6 students are learning about the circulatory system. This week, the students were focusing on the heart; learning about how it works and its role within the body. To bring their learning to life, students had the opportunity to observe and touch a real heart. Rather than being faced with a 2D diagram, they could clearly see where the arteries and veins were placed and feel through to the atria and ventricles. They then created anatomical drawings based on what they could see. This knowledge is being used across the curriculum to support the writing of a non-chronological report about the heart. Although the focus is less on the technical terms of parts of the heart (such as the Aorta, arteries, veins, valves etc…), many students have found this aspect of our learning really interesting so don’t be surprised if you hear the words ‘pericardium’ and ‘septum’ peppered into conversations between Year 6 students!