Healthy Choices in Nursery

When the sun is out what is better than a cold, homemade ice lolly! Our Nursery children have been learning to make their own healthier versions.

In the Nursery, our youngest learners have been discovering how to make healthier choices. As you may have seen previously, the children in Foundation Stage (FS) had a fantastic time making ice lollies for their Sports Day. Nursery decided that they didn’t want to miss out on this but needed the help of their FS1 friends so they could learn how to make them. The FS1 students did a wonderful job of recording their ideas and using these to give the Nursery children some simple instructions to follow.

The Nursery students followed the instructions to learn how to make delicious, healthy ice lollies using a wide variety of ingredients and new skills. They made their own lollies from a wide range of different fruits and juice and learned skills such as peeling fruit and how to use a blender. A few days later, when the treats had time to freeze, the little ones had a great time tasting their yummy creations!