Alumni Breakfast: Life after Patana

What is being a Bangkok Patana Alumni all about? The Year 13 students found out at the annual Alumni Breakfast.

Udit Dhawan, who attended Bangkok Patana from K1 before graduating in 2008 was the presenter at the annual Alumni Breakfast this year. He shared with the Year 13 students his ‘Life After Bangkok Patana’ story including his experience of attending university in Australia, living in Myanmar and getting his MBA before finally starting his own successful business here in Bangkok. His journey hasn’t always been easy and he gave sound advice about the benefits of networking, possible culture shock and the importance of not being afraid to follow your own mind before opening up the floor to questions. Udit’s full Life After Patana Story will feature in our Term 2 Magazine which is out in a few weeks.

The 125 students who will soon become the Graduating Class of 2019 were introduced to the Bangkok Patana Alumni network, including the different events which are run each year, the mentoring programme and how they can make the network work for them. Our alumni network welcomes all students, parents and staff who attended or worked at Bangkok Patana, if even for a short time. Connect to the network on:
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