National Rescue Award

National Rescue Award

As part of their Senior Studies PE focus, a number of Year 12 students have gained their National Rescue Award.

One of the key foci of Senior Studies PE is to offer opportunities which allow students to develop their leadership abilities and also explore ways their sporting skills can be leveraged as future career opportunities. Throughout PE Block 2A and 2B, nine Year 12 students took up the challenge of completing their National Rescue Award, an accredited vocational Lifesaving Award offered through the UK Royal Life Saving Society.

The award requirements includes:
– Demonstrating CPR for adults, children and infants.
– Conducting an effective rescue in shallow and deep water and stabilising a patient with a suspected spinal injury.
– Assessing and treating of various first aid emergencies.

It also teaches best practice such as how to conduct a risk assessment and ensure a safe environment for pool users.

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