We are Kind and Compassionate

We are Kind and Compassionate

Children in the Foundation Stage have been demonstrating their kindness and compassion with their friends from Home of Praise.

We were delighted to welcome Home of Praise to Foundation Stage (FS), a visit which was hugely beneficial for all the children and staff. Home of Praise has been joining us at Bangkok Patana since last academic year, allowing the children to learn alongside one another and for staff from both settings to work together. Home of Praise is a Nursery in the heart of Khlong Toey with high aspirations to provide a safe, nurturing and motivating environment, which we are thrilled to support.

You may have seen the fantastic photos of the ice lollies that the children across FS made and sold in order to raise money for Home of Praise. This was used to buy furniture and resources for their Nursery. A team of Bangkok Patana staff visited and used the new items to help create a learning environment that enables high-quality learning and promotes independence, something we place great value upon here at our school. Our students have also donated quality books, sun hats and water bottles this year to help improve reading and outdoor play opportunities.

The photos of this visit helped our students to recognise similarities and differences in our schools and motivated them to welcome their friends back to Foundation Stage. Children in FS2 even created friendship bracelets to share and thought hard about how they could make them feel welcome. The children across Foundation Stage were very excited to show their friends around and invite them to join in with their games. So much fantastic Personal, Social and Emotional development was demonstrated!

We are so proud of the children for demonstrating our school values by being kind and compassionate, active volunteers. Everyone in the Foundation Stage looks forward to welcoming our friends back to Bangkok Patana soon.