We Have Chickens!

A very warm welcome to our three new feathery additions to the Outdoor Classroom!

Bangkok Patana is now home to three Bantam chickens generously donated by a community member to our Outdoor Classroom (ODC). They are currently being housed in our very own Eggloo chicken coop, that is a new permanent fixture to the ODC. Part of the mission of the ODC is showing how natural ecosystems can coexist with human systems such as small scale vegetable gardens and animal rearing operations. With this in mind, students will gain many learning opportunities from our new avian residents. Along with learning about and observing how human-based systems can coexist with natural ecosystems, students will learn about reproduction and development as well as aspects of animal husbandry. 

We are very excited to welcome our new family members to Bangkok Patana School. If you are interested in dropping by the Outdoor Classroom to see our new chickens please feel free to contact Coke Smith (cosm@patana.ac.th) or Khun Turbo (taub@patana.ac.th).