Healthy Choices from Different Cuisines at Our Canteens…

The Canteens serve delicious Thai and Western food, come and give it a try!

The Canteens at Bangkok Patana offers a wide range of meals, from Thai to Western and other cuisines! One day it may be delicious Indian food and another Khao Soy noodles or the popular lasagna. The Canteen staff try to offer a variety of food to accommodate the tastes of students and staff from over 60 nationalities. Every day the canteen feeds approximately 2,800 people! Our on-staff nutritionist uses a “stop light’ system to ensure the menu options are healthy and nutritious, with new items being trialled each term. Secondary students also have the lunch option of using the popular Noodle Bar or buying items from the Snack Bars.

 Recently, new healthy snacks were added to the Snack Bars: Strawberry fruit sticks were added to the Primary and Secondary Snack Bars, while Mega Nuts were added to the Secondary Snack Bar. Don’t forget to check the canteen menu to see what is on offer today, you can always mix and match so that you get the flavours you like – there is no rule that says you can’t have chicken laab with broccoli!