Year 1 Mischief Makers!

There have been some strange goings on in Year 1, but who could be behind the mischief?

Over the last two weeks, Year 1 students’ imaginations have been going wild and their engagement has been as high as ever. It all started when some strange things started happening in Year 1; Lego models appeared out of nowhere, toys were moved, resources were tipped over and tiny footprints appeared all over the tables after paint was spilled!

The students came up with the plan to build traps, in order to capture whatever has been causing all this mayhem! They planned and labelled their designs. They learned different ways to join materials and how to create simple moving mechanisms before leaving them out to see what they could discover…

On Thursday morning, the children’s traps were filled with Little People! The students were inspired to write them letters, and then conducted a scientific investigation to see which materials were the most waterproof, and therefore would make the best roof for a playhouse for the Little People. This week, the students are using their fine motor and joining skills to collaboratively construct playgrounds for the Little People.