Inter-House Challenge Winners!

Inter-House Challenge Winners!

Each tutor group took part in the Inter-House challenge

The Inter-House challenge is complete and the final results compiled. Students took part in a variety of challenges at home, from gardening to hula hooping. pets wearing a House shirt, board games at home and golf putting were other challenges. The variety of challenges offered the students a chance to try something different, like putting cookies on their faces! House spirit is still alive even though everyone is learning at home!

Year 7

1st – Chang, 2nd – Phuket, 3rd – Samui, 4th – Lanta

Year 8

1st – Phuket, 2nd – Lanta, 3rd – Chang, 4th – Samui

Year 9

1st – Chang (won on a tie breaker with most pictures of different people in a House Shirt), 2nd – Phuket, 3rd – Samui, 4th – Lanta

Year 12

1st – Lanta, 2nd – Samui, 3rd – Chang, 4th – Phuket

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